5 Orgasm Killers to Avoid

5 Orgasm Killers To AvoidYou’re nearly there, but then you’re not. There’s no bigger downer on your love life than suddenly going off the boil. But it happens!

Some things you can’t avoid, like your five year-old suddenly shouting because he has thrown up in his bed or something, but others you can preempt and make sure they don’t happen to you…

1. A Phone Call

A phone call at the wrong moment especially from the wrong person can put your right off. Put all your phones on silent and you’ll never get interrupted by his mother in bed.

2. The Wrong Music

If you’re going to play music make sure you’ve vetted it so you don’t get something that will turn you right off, just at the wrong moment. Shuffle has a lot to answer for. Try the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack instead for maximum Ohs!

3. Being Overheard

Unless the risk factor turns you in in which case feel free to carry on, make sure you choose a time and place when you won’t be overheard otherwise you might suppress your feelings and your orgasm along with your voice.

4. The Wrong partner

Naturally, you’re more likely to orgasm with a partner you can relax with and one who turns you on physically so choose a partner you know, like and trust and who is hot as hell for maximum pleasure. If he’s new, the novelty may make up for the trust bit, just make sure you trust him enough not to point out your wobbly bits when you finally get to the crunch. That’s a sure-fire orgasm killer.

5. Time

Quickies are good. Quickies are exciting. But most of us need time to have a full-blown earth-shattering orgasm. Patience is a wonderful thing and not feeling rushed is important if you’re going to come, but if you don’t make it during your rushed encounter there’s always another time, so don’t sweat it!