“I knew Ben. If he wanted to experiment in some kinky way and punish me, he'd find an excuse.”

Another weekend

That means it’s time for another excerpt for the Saturday Spanking linky. I mean to do this every week and then another week slips by. I will be in the naughty corner if I’m not careful 🙂

This week, I have an excerpt from my new story “Hush” about silent punishment. Sometimes spanking is just too loud!

Hush : A Punishment Romance

Here’s a sample before the silent spanking starts:

“Pull down your shorts,” he said, in that dominant tone I loved, “and your panties. There’s no one around.”


“You heard,” he said. “You weren’t running fast enough. You need a good spanking, to get those legs moving.”

I looked around. The place was deserted. He was right. Even so, I wasn’t sure about this at all.

“Just do it,” he said, “or you’ll be sorry.”

He was just like he was at home at playtime, when I knew he was itching to find something I’d done wrong, and we were going to have some fun.

I looked around again and quickly pulled down my shorts and underwear, my heart beating out of my chest.

“Bend over and hold onto the tree here,” he said, “and don’t squeal.”

Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK

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5 thoughts on “Another weekend

  1. Kathryn R. Blake

    Yeah, the words “don’t squeal” mean that’s exactly what you’re going to want to do. A silent spanking, eh? Supposedly Capcasin is really good for that. That ought to get her legs moving, and it doesn’t wash off. Congratulations on your newest release, Caia.

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