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Here are the details and a naughty excerpt.

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“Every bad boy wants a good girl who will be bad just for him.”

Wealthy up-and-coming actor Nathan Waite excels at being bad. With a passion so intense it makes me melt, he shows me things I never knew I needed, things I would have been too afraid to ask for even if I’d known exactly what I wanted.

Nathan has only two rules

1. Have sex anytime, any place, anywhere
2. Don’t get caught (at least, not when it matters)

Simple, right?

No, not simple. Not when I love him so much, I’m willing to do anything to please him in the heat of the moment. Not when we get caught and capture the attention of the gutter press.

Publicity is the life blood of an actor, but the media don’t just go after the rich and famous. They go after those closest to them. They can ruin the love that was meant to last a lifetime, and when even Nathan seems on their side, I have to get out.

How can I bear to live without him? I can’t, but I have no choice because there’s much more at stake than me…

Exposure will take you on a hot and steamy roller coaster ride through the dizzy heights of a love affair that comes crashing down. Can anything be saved from the carnage that results?

This is a standalone novel with no cliff hangers. It’s not appropriate for children, not even close, but if you like stories full of lust, romance, heart-stopping moments…and a little sensual spanking, this one will be just right for a few hours of guilty pleasure.

Here’s a quick taste of “EXPOSURE” to enjoy…

He kissed me hard and deep, pulling at my clothes until they lay on a heap on the floor and I was naked in the living room of the suite. It felt so wanton to be standing like that in such luxurious surroundings, as if I should be better behaved because everything was so tasteful.

The lights from the London Eye twinkled.

“Do you think they can see me from over there?” I asked.

“Not unless you can see them.”

I could see nothing, just the cars going around on that big wheel.

“Imagine they can see you though. The whole of London outside that window can see you and you’re going to be thoroughly fucked for their pleasure.”

He ran his finger slowly down my body from my throat to the cleft between my legs and lingered there, stroking softly, his eyes gleaming with mischief, his touch making me feel decadent yet feminine, playing me like an instrument.

“I want to hear you moan,” he said. “I want to hear you moan and then I want to hear you cry out when you come. I’ve missed that all week.”

“You’ve got to work for it first. I don’t do sound effects on demand.”

“Don’t you? Not when I do this?”

“EXPOSURE” is available to buy on Amazon at the links above or you can borrow it for free with an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited account.

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