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Happy Days

I’m generally quite a happy person but some things are guaranteed to put a smile on my face. When I saw this today from an anonymous reviewer on Amazon for my book Caught & Punished, my first ever review for my fiction, it was guaranteed to get me grinning all day.

5 star review

Amazing Author! I love reading her books:) I have read them all!!! And can’t wait for her next one. Very Hot and entertaining. True to life. Love, Love, Love herβ™₯ You will not be disappointed!

As a new author, you put books out there and you have no idea how they will be received. You know some people will hate them. Some people are just haters. But will anyone love them? You hope so, but you never know.

I’d like this reviewer to know that they made my day, maybe even my week, my month. I love creating stories. I love my characters and how they seem to develop a mind of their own and go off in all sorts of tangents I hadn’t planned.

I’ll never publish anything if it doesn’t make me happy, but to know I entertained someone, gave them a good read is the ultimate.

I have to say thanks. It means a lot. They probably have no idea what a few words mean to an author but they mean so much. I hope karma pays it forward and my reviewer has a very good month too!

It seems to be the day for happiness. My husband came back last night from an eight day business trip and it’s good to have him back πŸ™‚ And I came across a website #100happydays ( It asks you to take a picture of something which makes you happy a hundred days in a row and post it online. I wish I was better with a camera and technology or I might just do that. Apparently 71% who try to do this don’t manage it because of a lack of time. Are we really too busy to be happy? I hope not!

Feeling down or lonely or bored? I prescribe a glass of wine and a naughty read – it always puts a smile on my face anyway πŸ™‚