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I’ve never been happy with this cover on “His Piano, My Punishment”

His Piano, My Punishment

It just seemed too dark and didn’t match the spicy romantic story in the book, but it has taken me the longest time to get a new cover. Finally, this week I got round to it, and so here it is. Ta Da!

His Piano, My Punishment cover

I like this one so much better. I hope you think it matches the story better too. Here’s the blurb

When I damaged screenwriter Neil Madison’s grand piano I feared I couldn’t afford to have it repaired. But why was I so disappointed when his suggested punishment turned out to be so respectable? The guy was hot, and if he wanted to punish me over his knee, I really wouldn’t mind that at all…

And a little sample, just for fun

Once inside his place, he kissed me again—a languorous, exploratory kiss I never wanted to end, decadent and delicious.

We parted to catch our breath. I looked at him, ripples of anticipation running through my body.

“Those envelopes you were addressing. They are for a party I’m holding before the premiere of a new movie in a couple of weeks. Would you like to come to the party and go to the premiere with me?” he asked.

“I’d love to, but I don’t think I can. I’d never fit in with all those glamorous people. I have nothing to wear. I’d look ridiculous.”

“Are you always so down on yourself? It seems to be a bad habit of yours. Something we should correct.”

“It’s just…”

He sat on the piano stool and pulled me over his lap on my stomach. I gasped. It was just as I had imagined the day before and yet nothing could have prepared me for that feeling. I thought my heart would burst out of my dress, as he pulled up the skirt, exposing my panties and pulled them down. He smoothed my bare bottom with his hand.

You’ll find “His Piano, My Punishment” here Amazon | Amazon UK

Note: I have included this post as my excerpt for the Saturday Spankings blog hop this week. See all the other great excerpts and stories here.

2 thoughts on “New Cover

  1. Kathryn R. Blake

    The second cover is definitely sexier, but in the first it looks like the piano was her punishment in some way. In the second, I don’t think she’s getting punished at all. She looks ecstatic.

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