Cupid's Secrets

Waiting for Cupid

I always think Valentine’s Day is the most difficult day of the year when you’re single and don’t want to be, especially so in the UK where February 14th really is just for lovers and not for showing affection to family members or friends or anyone else you love.

It sucks when everyone around you seems to be getting cards, flowers and chocolates and going out on dates, while your mail is only full of bills, and you’re stuck home alone.

Cupid's SecretsThat was the inspiration for my “Waiting for Cupid” story which I wrote for the anthology “Cupid’s Secrets” – thirteen stories 496 pages just 99c or free with Kindle Unlimited. You can get it here.

Of course, the girl in my story gets her man in the end, but Cupid takes his time about it, and the path of true love never runs smooth.

These days, I don’t mind Valentine’s Day at all, but it is just a day like any other, because hubby gets irritated by holidays that have become too commercial. We haven’t done anything on Valentine’s Day for years. It’s just as well he’s so good to me the rest of the year, otherwise I might sulk until March.