Why Spicy Books Are Good For You

Why Spicy Books are Good for you

Why Spicy Books Are Good For YouIf you feel a little guilty about reading erotic novels and stories, there’s really no need. Reading erotica can be good for you and don’t let anyone spoil your pleasure in it because they don’t enjoy it or approve.

What can it do for you?

1. Provide a Great Escape

If you are going through a difficult period in your life, a good raunchy story can help you switch off from your troubles and give you much needed respite from reality. You might argue that other types of books can do the same but there’s nothing like erotica for keeping your mind on the moment!

2. Cure Boredom

These stories are fun to read. There’s nothing like a hot romance to get you through a boring commute or wait in line!

3. Get You In The Mood

Relationships and marriages hit a rough patch when one of you is constantly not in the mood for sex and if your other half is unhappy about your lack of libido, erotic stories that get you going might very well save your relationship.

4. Help You Explore Your Sexuality

Erotic stories help you explore what you need in a relationship and what turns you on. If you are bored with your love life, or just not sure what you’re missing, sexy stories can provide plenty of ideas to help you see just what fires your imagination so you can explore your wilder side.

5. Get You Talking

If you talk about what you read you can enhance communication and sharing with your partner and bring a deeper understanding between the two of you about what you both like and need. That can help boost your relationship and life together.

6. Show You the Power of Being Female

Feminists may poo-poo romance and sexy stories but if you choose stories where the women are in fully consensual relationships (no matter how kinky) you will see how much power a woman actually holds over her own sexuality. The women in the best stories fall in love with themselves as well as their partners.

Of course, some religious and ultra-conservative types think it’s a sin to read erotica. You’ll have to go with your own conscience on that one. Some people can whip the pleasure out of anything and turn life completely gray. Its up to you if you let them get to you. Besides there’s even more pleasure in something that’s a little bit sinful in the eyes of others and
there’s no need to talk about your reading habits to those who would not approve!

You probably don’t talk about other aspects of your sex life and sexuality with these people either. It’s really none of their business. Enjoy your stories and the benefits they bring and let other live their lives without the joy of a good spicy read.