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Cover - Bad for You

Bad for You

Another steamy romance novel ripe for enjoying. Take a look at “Bad for You”

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE! (No Kindle? No Problem! You can read it on the PC, smartphone or tablet with the FREE Kindle app)

They could save each other … or go down in flames.

A haunted man…

Wilson Caldwell would give anything to go back and change that terrible night. But he can’t, so when things get too bad, he dulls the pain with booze and women. He doesn’t think he’ll ever settle down … until he starts to see his assistant, Corinna, in a whole new light.

A loyal woman…

Corinna doesn’t know what caused her billionaire boss’s self-destructive tendencies, but part of her job is putting her foot down when his antics get out of hand. She admires the intelligence and kindness beneath his pain, and can’t help dreaming of what might be. But she knows better than to think a man like Wilson could ever fall for a girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

A dangerous ruse

When Wilson’s mother tries to get him back together with his jealous ex, Corinna finds herself pressed into service as her boss’s fake fiancée. Their charade ignites a very real passion between them … but can Corinna heal the hole in Wilson’s heart? Or will the darkness of his past destroy them both?

**Bad for You is a sexy billionaire romance. No cliffhanger, no cheating, HEA!**

Here’s an excerpt of “Bad for You” …

I lead her over to the bed and sit on the edge, peeling away the wet towel from her and wrapping us both in the cover from the bed as I sit her down on my lap.

“Just let me hold you.” I say. “I can’t help wanting to hold you.” And we sit like that under the warmth of the cover, me just holding her. Another first—just sitting there holding a woman, enjoying the feel of her in my arms. Why am I always so impatient to get on with the main event?

After a few minutes like that, she’s calmer and I feel happy. I don’t want her to worry. I want her to feel safe with me, and she is safe. She just doesn’t feel it because of what she knows about me, what she has seen. The past ruins everything. It always does.

“Feeling better now?” I ask. “Have you warmed up?”

“Much better now,” and I could swear she has snuggled up closer to me, that’s she’s happy in my arms so I kiss the top of her head and hold her tighter.

“Do you want to go back to the party?”

“Not just yet,” she murmurs.

She wants to stay here with me!

“Are your clothes drying out?”

“Almost dry,” she says, feeling the fabric from the top of her bra cup.

“Let me test it,” I say, hardly daring to see her reaction to that, feeling beneath the cover wrapped around us. “Nope. Hopelessly wet. It will have to come off.”

I hear her breath hitch, but she doesn’t stop me as I unhook her bra and take it off still under the cover.

I kiss her again, feeling the hard peaks of her breasts and her soft flesh against my bare chest. I feel honored that she is trusting me like this.

“I think you’re dry now,” I say. “I’ll just check,” and I run my fingers lightly over her breasts letting them linger over her nipples, moving them back and forth until I hear her breath coming in gasps.

“Bad for You” is available to buy on Amazon at the links above or you can borrow it for free with an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited account.

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