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Love Unbound Cover

Love Unbound

A steamy billionaire romance novel – a hot and heart-warming read to set your pulse racing.

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She stole the show. Now he’s stealing her heart.

“He could make me…or break me.”

When sexy billionaire Ashton Lynch walks into my burlesque show and leaves me his card, it should feel like my lucky day. His talent agency is the best in the business.

But Ash wants more than my talent. He makes me feel things no man ever has, and I might give him control of my career — but my body is another matter.

I try to protect my emotions, but it’s impossible. Before long, I crave his touch as much as I do my next breath. I can’t resist him … but if I submit, will I survive?

“She has a brilliant future…but will I share her with the world, or keep her for my own private pleasure?”

Victoria Bronson has far too much talent to be languishing in a seedy burlesque show. I can make her a celebrity — but what I really want is to keep her all to myself.

She belongs in my bed, submitting to my particular tastes. But what begins as lust soon becomes something I’ve never felt before. Her humor, her vulnerability, her independence … she shines in my darkness like the star she deserves to be.

It’s not enough to promote her, enrich her, pleasure her. I have to show her what she means to me…because losing her is not an option.


**Love Unbound is a steamy billionaire romance with light bondage and sensual spanking. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happy-ever-after guaranteed!**

Here’s an excerpt of “Love Unbound” …

We are back at the villa very quickly, much quicker than I anticipate. Ash ushers me inside, his hand as ever on my back. Is this why he wants me because he senses I will let him dominate me and tie me up even though I didn’t let him take it very far the first time?

As soon as we are through the heavy door and Gaston has taken the car away to put in the garage, Ash says, “Take off your dress. I want you naked.”

I want to obey but for some reason I feel the need to assert my independence tonight.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Oh, you want to.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“I can see it in your eyes. Take it off.”

“No I think I’ll leave it on a little longer if it’s all the same to you.”

“You want me to rip it off?”

“No!” That came out sharper than I meant. I can’t stand the thought of him ripping that lovely silk dress.

“You want me to bend you over, pull it up to your waist and spank you for disobedience?”

I hesitate a moment too long at the idea of that.

“Right,” he says…

“Love Unbound” is available to buy on Amazon at the links above or you can borrow it for free with an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited account.

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