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It was easy to decide what to feature in the Saturday spanking blog hop this week as I just published a new story a couple of days ago – my first for a month. This one has been brewing for a while but didn’t want to be born! Of course, now I’ve published, I’m sad to let the characters go, but that’s writing for you 🙂

Teach Me, Punish Me cover
“Teach Me, Punish Me” is about a woman who returns to her school for a ten year reunion and finds herself still drooling over the English teacher she had a crush on in school. But he’s not happy about the way she behaved in his class. Let’s just say he’s not like any English teacher I ever had, more’s the pity 🙂

Here’s a quick sample

“Who knew you’d grow up to be this gorgeous?” he said, as he stopped to draw breath and continued to plant soft kisses all the way down my neck until I was melting inside and could only moan in response.

“But this dress doesn’t do anything for you at all.”

“What’s wrong with my dress?” I was annoyed. I thought, I looked good in it.

“Obscures the view,” he said and wrenched at the hem, pulling it right up over my head, pulling my arms up with it but not taking it off so they were still enclosed in the fabric.

“I like you like that—captive,” he said.

“Kinky,” I said

“Yes, if you like it that way.”

If you’d like to read more, you can read another sample or get “Teach Me, Punish Me” from Amazon at the links below. Borrow it free with a Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime account.

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And now more samples to read this week….

4 thoughts on “Saturday Blog Hop

  1. Kathryn R. Blake

    You spend so much time bringing life to your characters that sometimes it’s difficult to let them go. However, a month between books is not long at all in my book. I love former teacher/student reunion stories. Had a crush on one of my teachers myself, though I never told him about it. Sounds like a great book, Caia.

  2. Ashe Barker

    OI love that caught up in the clothes thing, especially if her face is covered too. So hot. My English teacher was never like that. Great snippet, thanks

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