Thanksgiving 99c or 99p sale

A couple of my longer books will be on sale from Thanksgiving 26th November to the end of Monday 30th so if you want to pick up a copy at 99c / 99p be sure to take advantage then. These are the two books.

The Wrong Guy cover

“This book is awesome! Ok… So the original boyfriend is a complete and total douchenozzle, but getting away from him and finding a real happily ever after left me all warm and glowy inside. Steam the mirror chemistry doesn’t hurt either… 500 awesome stars… Oh, I can only give 5…ok 5 phenomenal stars”

Get “The Wrong Guy” here : |

Back Where We Belong cover

“I loved this book from page 1 all the way through to the end … you will smile, cry, get angry, laugh, and cheer. ”

Get “Back Where We Belong” here: |

And if you already have these, they are part of a bigger promotion with another sixteen 99c /99p deals from my author friends here


warm up with steamy romance deals

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