What To Read After Fifty Shades Of Grey

What to Read After Fifty Shades of GreyLove it or hate it, Fifty Shades of Grey changed many women’s reading habits and the types of books that even mainstream publishers are putting on bookshop shelves. Heck, even my local library has shelves full of erotic romance. Changed days!

E.L. James comes in for a lot of stick for the quality of her writing. It’s not fine carefully-honed poetic prose, sure, but I don’t think it’s meant to be. It’s genre fiction after all, not Shakespeare. I think a lot of criticism is from those who are jealous of her success.

I enjoyed the FSOG books and I have to say E.L. James held a plot together over more than a thousand pages and introduced the mainstream world of moms and grannies to kink which is no mean feat! If I could do anything like that and earn a cool twenty million from my writing and movie rights you could criticize me all you like, and I wouldn’t care!

Anyway what should you read after FSOG, whether you liked the books or not?

A world of stories and novels have sprung up with similar billionaires with a dominant streak many of them as tormented as Christian Grey if you want a re-run of something similar.

But you could also branch out and just dip your toe into many different types of spicy stories.

One of the best ways to try books out without spending a lot is with a Kindle Unlimited account. With Kindle Unlimited subscription, you don’t feel you have to keep everything you ever tried and didn’t like on your Kindle because you bought it and therefore don’t want to delete it. And you don’t have to stick to the tried and true mainstream stuff with a hundred recommendations and a New York best seller status. You can take a risk and try some new authors and genres that you might not have been tempted to spend money on.

You can borrow as many books as you like (up to 10 at a time) without paying anything extra. I think it’s just $9.99 in the US or £7.99 in the UK to sample a whole lot of books.

And dare I say it, all my work is available in some form (at least all the individual parts) for free with a KU account, so I’ll say this only once “try my books!” LOL but also take a look at anything and everything that takes your fancy because you never know what floats your boat until you try it.